Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I Don't Know If You've Heard, But My Job Is Kind of Scarce These Days

I just wrote the longest post I've wrote (I'm changing this to written and in my mind going "WTF is wrong with me", but want you to see what a grammatical jerk I am right now) in a long time, but it wasn't here. It was at my other blog.

Mostly? I don't feel like writing about my job and possible lack thereof all over again. And really? Cutting and pasting it just what a chump would do.

And while I mostly try to own my chumpness, I'm going to save you from it. Me and my chumpness that is and just allow you to either skip it or go here to read all about it.

This has given me a really good excuse to use the word chump repeatedly. Because like so many other good terms from the 80's, that one has gone to the wayside, like jive turkey. Which, I'm mostly sure, is a synonym for chump.

Speaking of the 80's, SYFY (so stupid SciFi, really) has been showing the original V mini-series in a marathon the last few days and there is nothing chumpish or jive turkey like about that shit.


Ryan Lawson said...

I have a "lack thereof" job as well... or, as I like to say, my job is "vacationing at home".

Anonymous said...

My job is very stressful....It's SUPPOSED to be teaching but as Hubby points out, it's babysitting.