Sunday, August 17, 2008

About Wanderlust

When I was younger I changed my apartment more often than I washed my laundry.

I changed my hair color more often than I ate a square meal.

And I gave a bigger shit.

I would throw my 3 boxes and 4 bags into the back of my Geo Metro and move on when things looked darkly and unfriendly.

Now? I have a Honda Accord with a baby seat in the back and roots that shoot straight out of my toes and into the muddy, black depths of the Earth. Rooting me and locking me into this place that I am. Allowing moss to grow on my shady side.

Which is great. If you like moss. And I just happen to. Mama ain't no rolling stone anymore.

Except? I still have that urge to go splash color on new walls. To lovingly unpack my box of books which always made whatever four walls I rented feel like they were filled with friends and charming characters.

I still feel the need to learn a whole new neighborhood, which grocery has the best produce and which drug store has the least nosy cashiers.

So welcome to my new digs. And for some of you... Thanks for following me to blog three.

Now grab a paint brush and get to work, the walls won't paint themselves and this beer is only for hard workers.


rachie! said...

I swear, I am in love with you. I used to move all my furniture every 3 months, it makes it feel like a new place without, you know, deposits and getting the electricity turned on.

Anonymous said...

Love you babe!

Hockey Girl said...

I will follow wherever you go...i totally sound like a stalker

IB said...

Moving is always a fun and exciting adventure. And, as long as you are taking some friends with you, it's relatively safe. Low risk thrills; ya gotta love it.


Sweet Mama Jones said...

i feel like i shoulda brought you a housewarming present. ;)

Anonymous said...

I brought the booze for a housewarming gift. But, it would appear everyone's left at this point in time. Huh. Intersting. Oh well. Poor for me ;)

BusyDad said...

Funny, I WORK for beer. I think I'll be happy here.

Gypsy said...

Is it ok if I raid the fridge?

Immoral Matriarch said...

I'd like to be your roomie, if that's alright.

Evil Twin Sister said...

I am so sorry!!!
I'm a bit slow, but I eventually catch on!!!

I *JUST* *TODAY* followed the "Pssst!" you so lovingly left in my comments!
I had no idea! I thought I'd lost you! And I was thinkin', "Fuck BB. She can take care of herself. And besides, she's got all those friends. And Jason! She don't need me."
And then...


There you were.
Hiding in my comments.

Thank you so much. =-)